Facebook Quarterly Results

This database presents an ongoing presentation and analysis of Facebook quarterly results. It is periodically updated with information published by Facebook and contains the latest performance figures on users, revenues, income expenses and tax rates.

Latest Findings

Chapter 1: Users

Facebook is still consistently growing its user-base, both in daily and in monthly activity. An average quarterly growth rate of 4.5% has brought Facebook, in 2 years time, 290 million new daily active users. The total number of monthly active users went from just over 1 billion in the end of 2012 to 1.65 billion in early 2016.

Western minority

The only place showing hardly any user growth is North America; while North America and Asia Pacific had about the same number of users 2 years ago, the latter has added over 100 million new users since then, five times more than North America. Europe has seen some steady growth and has considerable more users and better growth numbers than North America. In 2013 and 2014, there have been more users in the rest of the world combined than in any single one of the traditionally largest markets (North America, Europe, Asia Pacific). Halfway through 2015 saw the user growth of Asia Pacific reverse this trend: with 566 million monthly active users it is the single largest market for Facebook. 

The rise of mobile

The number of mobile users has been outgrowing the total number of monthly active users and currently 91 of every 100 monthly users (also) use their mobile (compared to 64 of every 100 monthly users 2 years ago). The number of mobile-only Facebook users is also rapidly increasing and now makes up 54% of monthly active users (up from 25% four quarters ago).

Daily Active Users - in millions

Number of users in millions. Source: Facebook.

Monthly Active Users - in millions

Number of users in millions. Source: Facebook.

Growth in DAU by region

Showing percentage growth of daily active users compared to last quarter. Source: Facebook.

Growth in MAU by region

Showing percentage growth of monthly active users compared to last quarter. Source: Facebook.

The rise of mobile: Monthly Active Users - in millions

Source: Facebook.

Chapter 2: Revenues & Income

Facebook revenues grew with $1.3B in the last quarter of 2015 - 2016 starts with a small correction to that growth.

Last quarter brought a 30% quarter-to-quarter growth in overall revenues, a jump unprecedented in recent years. The first quarter has been consistently one that brings a slump in revenue growth and this quarters' negative revenue growth is within the range of the previous years: -7.86% this 1st quarter, against -8%, -3.21% and -8% in the first quarters of 2015, 2014 and 2013 respectively.

While Facebook's revenue growth is in line with its user growth, the two are less connected than they appear. Facebook might have more users and better growth in Asia and the developing world, for its revenues it is still heavily dependent on North America: the US & Canada account for half of the company's total revenue. Thats $2.7 billion of a total revenue of $5.3 billion

While revenue streams from the rest of the world have more than doubled between 2013 and 2015, North American revenues have almost tripled during that time. A steady constant is the source of these North American revenues: roughly 90% comes from advertising. Payments and other fees make up the remaining 10% -- this is actually a substantial percentage compared to the other regions, particularly Asia Pacific

Advertising revenues now come for three quarters from mobile users, up from 50% only a year and a half ago. 

Explore more charts on revenue growth per region:

All revenues by region (in $US)

Source: Facebook.

Quarterly Growth: Total Revenue; Revenue per User; and Daily User Growth

Advertising revenue: total and mobile

Source: Facebook.

Total Revenue and Monthly Active Users

Source: Facebook.

Distribution of revenue per quarter

Source: Facebook.

North American revenues by source

Source: Facebook.

Total revenue growth - by location and quarter

Source: Facebook.

Growth rate of revenue per user - by location and quarter

Source: Facebook.

Income from operations and operating margin - per quarter

Source: Facebook.

Chapter 3: Expenses, Investments & Tax rates

Overall, Facebook's expenses have gone up considerably since end of 2013. Measured in percentage of revenue, expenses now take up 63%. This spike in expenses between late 2014 and 2015 primarily came from increased R&D spending. Overall expenses, as a percentage of revenue, has gone down in the last quarter of 2015 and the first quarter of 2016. Compared to the pre-spike period, the relative weight of the R&D expenses is still high.

Facebook's tax rates have been dropping since a peak of 54% in late 2013. In the first quarter of 2016 the company's effective tax rate was 27%.

Capital investments were particularly high last quarter, all of these investments were related to purchases of property and equipment. Just last quarter Facebook made $1.1 billion's worth of these purchases.

Facebook's net income has seen some considerable growth since 2013. GAAP net income rose from $219 million in early 2013 to $1.5 billion last quarter.

Capital Investments 

Expenses as percentage of revenue

Source: Facebook.

Tax Rates and Net Income (GAAP and Non-GAAP)

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